Who am I?

My name is Josh Dyer and I’m working towards being a self published author. With the support of my fans, I hope to make this dream a reality! I’ve written many short stories, some poetry, and am currently working on several novels. I live in the North Georgia mountains where I love to hike, fish, and explore the great outdoors that surround me! When I’m not out exploring, I am writing or working on designing video games, my other passion. If you enjoy my content, please consider expressing your love by supporting me on Patreon!

My Current Projects

Other Worlds

My first novel, Other Worlds, follows the protagonist Jonathan and his friend Dennis on Jonathan’s first real adventure after he accidentally discovers a portal to another world.

He soon learns that this new world harbors some horrors that definitely put him outside his comfort zone.

What will they discover there? Will they make it back alive?

Anything could happen…

The Dead Chronicles

Another novel, The Dead Chronicles follows the story of a ghost, Ben, who falls for a girl named Emily.

Unfortunately, in the afterlife there are rules that must be followed, and those rules are broken to save Emily’s life.

What happens next might just change everything!

Soul Painter

Soul Painter is a horror short story series about a renter’s dream rental turned nightmare.

If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is…

The first two parts are live now, on Patreon, exclusively for my fans!

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