Wizard’s Battle

I’ll keep this short and sweet for a wizard I must meet.

He is a greater wizard than I, but I do not fear to die.

His task is, but one, to trap those for fun.

Free them I must, before I return to dust.

A battle we shall do, one on one, us two.

I’ve tracked him for some time, to make him pay for his crime.

We meet on the grass hill, now the wind is very still.

Into his gaze I stare, he taunts me with a dare.

A thunderbolt cracks the sky, but again, I do not die.

Up the wards I have thrown, protecting every bone.

The bolt dissipates, my turn to change the fates.

A fireball is what I choose, mighty power let loose.

He stands his ground unburned, Smiling, he says, “You are learned!”

He brings his fiercest best, he puts me to the test.

I pass, but only just, maybe because I must.

Shocked his jaw does fall, I laugh, “Is that all?”

I shouldn’t have jest, because he gives me the rest.

A full on assault he shoved, to me who he once loved.

Apprentice to him a time ago, long forgotten it was so.

But a distant memory for him, but his evil I must stem.

It hurts much my soul, I owe him a lot, but he stole

My love from me, sealed her in a trap for eternity.

The only freedom to be, his death a certainty.

The power from that last blast, burnt my wards cast.

I was defenseless now, but to him I’d never bow!

I throw all that I had, cast every spell good and bad.

It was all I knew, and somehow my power grew.

For righteousness was on my side, and this did turn the tide!

He fell to one knee, beaten down by the sea.

“How have you gained such strength?” he asked, and I just basked.

In victory’s fine dance, I began to prance.

I had beaten the king, the wizard with the ring.

The ring of power was strong, but out of this world it did belong.

With a final bolt from the sky, I made that evil wizard to die!

My love was now free, but she was no longer for me.

To dust she had returned, but peace for eternity earned.

I thanked the beasts of the field, their power I did yield.

To keep it would have turned me so, this I now know.

The evil was undone, I had finally won.

Copyright September 27, 2021. All Rights Reserved.